Tactics are key, but strategy is king. What's your story? Is it compelling? Who will want to read themselves into it? Will it cause them to fall in love with you, or at least make an emotional investment in you?  And is it enough to win? 

If you can't answer those questions adequately, then the tactics used to deliver your story don't matter all that much. Enthusiasm with  new tech and more efficient ways to reach voters is valid. But which voters? And what are the messages you want to reach them with? 
Just not being the other guy is sometimes good enough to win the campaigns you should win, but it's not normally enough to win the campaigns you shouldn't win.  

Savanna Communications is for conservatives who have something useful to say. We want to win the races others say we shouldn't. That starts by telling powerful stories people want to read themselves into.  Then telling those stories with a variety of means and media, each used to do what it does best.


Tony Marsh is a strategic messaging consultant who creates, writes, and produces compelling narratives for companies, super-pacs, Republican campaigns, and conservative causes.  We typically produce dozens of videos, social media posts, and digital ads for campaigns that all reinforce a compelling narrative.  

Further, we will write, shoot, edit, and deliver those messages to exactly the right audience. 
What's more, we can do it for less than what others charge for a single 30 second ad because we have all the cameras, equipment, and talent required.

We sweat the details so you don't have to. We're in it to win, not show others how clever or entertaining we can be. We don't do volume. For us each project is unique because you're unique; the strategic and tactical challenges you face are different, and the means to solve them will be distinctive.  
Tony Marsh's Bio
Tony has worked to elect presidents, members of Congress, parliamentarians, and governors in 43 U.S. states and 14 countries worldwide. He is particularly well-known for producing award winning advertising, digital and social media, and direct mail campaigns that persuade, motivate, and mobilize. 

In addition to his work for free-market, conservative candidates, Mr. Marsh has built a reputation for devising successful communications strategies for companies, associations, and conservative causes. 





Strategic Messaging

We'll define the audiences you'll need in order to win, then devise the compelling stories that persuade them to vote for you, donate to you, or activate them to volunteer. Then we'll put those messages in front of exactly the right audiences via the means most efficiently suited to reach them.

Digital Video 

Most videos we produce cost our clients less than $1,000 each. That's because we have the cameras, equipment, and talent to write, produce, and edit your digital and social media video messages in-house. 

Broadcast Advertising

For television and radio, we work with the most talented production companies available. We've produced thousands of television commercials and radio ads, many that have changed the trajectory of a campaign from losing to winning with less than 1000 GRP's.


Few things in a campaign are more valuable than an opted in email list of prospective supporters. We'll help you build it, then communicate a series of messages that turn those prospects into loyalists.

Social Media Management

Social media is tricky, but critical to reaching your audience. We'll design the images, produce the videos, and write the copy that gets your social media posts and advertising noticed by the audience you need.

Online Infrastructure

Sending emails and producing social media ads aren't enough. You'll need the online infrastructure required to identify those viewers who become supporters. We'll design the landing pages, create the list integrations, and capture the data so we know who becomes a donor, supporter, or volunteer. 


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